Think Different About Digital

Traditional advisor tech is table stakes. To differentiate your business, you need a digital solution that’s built for the future of the investment experience.

Most fintech providers today would have you believe they’re launching a digital revolution with products and solutions designed to transform your firm’s efficiency, inspire unparalleled client experiences, and drive accelerated growth.

The truth is: What they’re offering is table stakes.

The digital solutions that make up a traditional fintech toolkit are no longer groundbreaking differentiators for financial services firms—they’re absolutely essential for remaining relevant and competitive in today’s modern market. 

Leveraging the same suite of cobbled-together fintech capabilities as your competitors won’t help you stand out. The value of digital portfolio management, performance reporting and CRM tools has diminished from cutting edge to baseline requirement. 

To deliver an experience that keeps pace with the growing expectations of modern investors, you can’t settle for table stakes technology. 

Think Digital Next, Not Digital Now

Providing a second-to-none client experience with technology that empowers end-to-end personalized investing is the necessary next step in our industry’s digital transformation.

Truly differentiated digitization creates equally intuitive, streamlined processes for both advisor and investor by enabling:

Friction-Free Digital Account Opening

Today’s investor doesn’t want to sit in an office filling out mountains of paperwork, then wait days or weeks for their accounts to be opened and funded. The generation of instant gratification can buy anything and everything right from a mobile device, so why should their investing experience be any different?

The digital-next experience empowers investors to onboard, open and fund accounts in minutes, not days. 

A Dual Journey: 

Not all clients or accounts require the same level of attention from advisors; in fact, some clients would prefer a more independent approach to investing, with the ability to lean on professional advisory guidance only when necessary. 

A dual journey platform empowers advisors to be as involved or removed as they need to be in client onboarding and portfolio management, offering a self-directed approach for investors to open, fund, and manage their own accounts, as well as a digital advisory path through which advisors make portfolio recommendations based on client goals and risk profiles.

Access to a Digital Supermarket

Historically, it’s been challenging for investors to unlock the full spectrum of investment options – including fixed income and alternatives – through digital investment platforms. And advisors trying to meet the diversification needs of their clients have had to leverage a number of different solutions, including traditional, prohibitively expensive TAMPs, for access to alternative strategies. 

A modern digital supermarket takes the idea of a TAMP or model marketplace to the next level, bringing the full spectrum of investment options together onto a single dashboard at a fraction of the cost.

FusionIQ Defines Digital Differentiation

Helping advisors compete in today’s digital-first world requires redefining what differentiated digitization actually looks like. From first touch to a powerful ongoing relationship, FusionIQ revitalizes the wealth management experience for both investors and advisors with a unified digital investing platform. 

The intelligent, client-led onboarding process takes approximately 10-12 minutes, from client questionnaire completion to account opening and funding. 

Once onboarded, investors can access a digital investment marketplace that acts like an e-commerce platform – mimicking the way people are used to purchasing from traditional online providers – with regulatory requirements and real-time buying power built right in.

Advisors use client-provided information and a risk assessment questionnaire to recommend optimal portfolios to meet investor objectives, using FusionIQ’s proprietary models, third-party models, or their own – including both traditional and alternative investments.

See what differentiated digital looks like. 

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John Guthery, CFA <br> Chief Investment Officer
John Guthery, CFA
Chief Investment Officer

John is a highly respected investment executive, bringing more than 27 years of experience to his role as Chief Investment Officer for FusionIQ. As CIO, John focuses on developing advisor platforms and business lines including finTAMP and Digital Model Marketplace. He also contributes to FusionIQ’s thought leadership and market analysis.

John’s extensive financial services background includes leading market research, due diligence and platform enhancements for top-tier wealth managers including LPL Financial, where he spent 19 years running product research, Park Avenue Securities, Voya Financial and WP Carey where he helped to design and manage public and private real estate funds and public BDCs. | Connect on LinkedIn

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