Introducing the Industry’s First FinTAMP

For quite some time, advisors have had a decision to make.

They could leverage a fintech platform, or build a tech stack of their own, to manage tasks like performance reporting, billing, portfolio construction, trading and rebalancing and client engagement in house. By keeping everything in house, advisors retain control over their operations, but often find themselves bogged down in operational tasks.

The alternative to the traditional fintech provider or tech stack has long been the TAMP, or turnkey asset management program, model. Outsourcing investment management and middle- and back-office tasks to a TAMP certainly removed some operational burdens for advisors who chose to do so—but at the cost of flexibility, control, and cost itself, since TAMPs have traditionally proven to be almost prohibitively expensive.

If you’re identifying benefits to each model and thinking to yourself, ‘Why not combine them?’ you’re not alone. It makes sense—advisors could retain control of the tasks they wanted while offloading some of the lower-value functions to a TAMP.

But combining an in-house tech stack with outsourced TAMP capabilities has always been easier said than done.

First of all, it’s often up to the advisor to do the integrating, which means functioning like a part-time Chief Technology Officer to design processes and workarounds that are fractured and cumbersome at best—and fragmented advisory experience that typically translates into a less-than-ideal client experience. 

Secondly, bringing in-house technology and TAMP capabilities together isn’t a cost-saving play. Advisors find themselves paying basis points to TAMPs for access to models, or working those fees into client bills, while also paying annual technology charges.

Finally, TAMPs have historically been built on rigid, inflexible platforms, meaning advisors are often forced into all-or-nothing outsourcing, even if they’d prefer to maintain some tasks in house.

There’s a better way to harness the benefits of an in-house tech stack and a TAMP model.

Instead of bringing them together, FusionIQ built them together. 

As the industry’s first FinTAMP, FusionIQ marries the best of financial advisor technology with the capabilities of a modern, powerful TAMP:

  • Flexibility and control
  • Cost-effective operational outsourcing
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Access to a full spectrum of investment options 
  • A second-to-none client experience

Because FusionIQ integrated TAMP and tech from the start, they’re able to offer the modern, future-forward capabilities advisors need to provide today’s clients with the digital experiences they demand, including:

Friction-Free Digital Account Opening 

Modern investors won’t sit in an office filling out mountains of paperwork, only to wait days or weeks for their accounts to be opened and funded. 

FusionIQ’s automated paperless back-office solution eliminates manual processes from the account opening equation, and streamlines it even further with custodian agnostic capabilities so clients can open and fund accounts in minutes, not days.

A Dual Journey 

Some clients require a significant level of time and attention from their advisor, while others prefer to manage investing independently and lean on professional advisory guidance only when necessary. 

FusionIQ’s dual journey platform gives advisors the power to determine how involved or removed they need to be in client onboarding and portfolio management. A self-directed approach allows investors to open, fund, and manage their own accounts, while a digital advisory path enables advisors to make portfolio recommendations based on client goals and risk profiles.

Access to a Digital Supermarket

Historically, advisors have struggled to meet the diversification needs of their clients without leveraging a number of expensive solutions, including traditional TAMPs, to gain access to alternative strategies and fixed income options.

FusionIQ’s digital supermarket brings the full spectrum of investment options together onto a single dashboard, for advisors and investors to access at a fraction of the cost.

And to continue meeting the evolving needs of modern investors, FusionIQ has partnered with leaders in the asset management and fixed income space to infuse — not just integrate — diverse solutions and investment advice into the platform.

See what the industry’s first FinTAMP looks like, at a fraction of the cost.

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John Guthery, CFA <br> Chief Investment Officer
John Guthery, CFA
Chief Investment Officer

John is a highly respected investment executive, bringing more than 27 years of experience to his role as Chief Investment Officer for FusionIQ. As CIO, John focuses on developing advisor platforms and business lines including finTAMP and Digital Model Marketplace. He also contributes to FusionIQ’s thought leadership and market analysis.

John’s extensive financial services background includes leading market research, due diligence and platform enhancements for top-tier wealth managers including LPL Financial, where he spent 19 years running product research, Park Avenue Securities, Voya Financial and WP Carey where he helped to design and manage public and private real estate funds and public BDCs. | Connect on LinkedIn

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