FusionIQ Partners with YieldX to Access Fixed Income and Enhanced Cash Management Solutions

FusionIQ today announced it has unlocked access to over one million fixed income investment products.
WOBURN, Mass., May 6, 2021 FusionIQ, a leading investment research and technology provider, today announced it has unlocked access to over one million fixed income investment products for its clients through YieldX’s InPaas API. The InPaaS API is a portfolio construction tool that optimizes fixed income ETFs and closed-end funds for a desired income or yield target with the lowest risk and expense ratio.

Financial services firms leveraging FusionIQ’s digital workstation can now offer investors the ability to quickly search and analyze fixed income assets, including municipal bonds, corporate bonds, ETFs, and closed-end funds, as well as create an optimized portfolio to reach a target yield or specific goals. By pairing a traditional advisor-driven experience with the convenience of a digital investment platform, FusionIQ’s solutions enable investors to manage their portfolios through a self-directed or digital advisor experience.

“RIAs, banks, credit unions, etc., they’re all faced with rising adoption levels of retail investment platforms. Our digital workstation delivers a modern investment platform at a fraction of the cost of legacy technologies,” said Mark Healy, CEO of FusionIQ. “YieldX is revolutionizing how investors are able to access fixed income solutions. We’re really excited to align our efforts and deliver a user-friendly experience that meets the needs of today’s investors.”

FusionIQ’s intelligent investment solutions, coupled with an intuitive dashboard, enables easy online and mobile investing for equities, fixed income and alternative investments. For investors, FusionIQ’s account opening process is digital, frictionless and integrated with existing systems, offering a low-cost solution with a clear view of their financial profile on a user-friendly interface. And for advisors, the automated asset allocation, rebalancing and tax harvesting tools equip them with an automated and paperless back-office solution to manage accounts efficiently.

FusionIQ clients will have the ability to design and manage a range of differentiated solutions for fixed income investing, including enhanced cash management, personalized retirement income, and thematic fixed income exposures through the YieldX Income Portfolios as a Service (InPaaS) API. With a few clicks, YieldX’s technology empowers advisors to increase yield, reduce risk and add personalization to portfolios of corporate or municipal bonds or fixed income ETFs, CEFs and Mutual Funds.

“Historically, fixed income capabilities have only been accessible to large institutions supported by large teams of analysts and traders,” said Adam Green, CEO of YieldX. “We want to ensure these types of assets and analytics tools are easily accessible to a broader range of investors. By opening up access to FusionIQ customers, we’re able to deliver our application-based solutions to everyone from smaller breakaways to the largest enterprises, broker-dealers and RIAs in the country.”

About FusionIQ

FusionIQ is a preeminent software–as-a-service (SaaS) organization, that offers an ecommerce workstation to empower banks, credit unions, RIAs, broker dealers, and wealth managers of all sizes with everything they need to create a revolutionary digital wealth investing experience for their end retail customers. Through either a white label instance with a headless API infrastructure or a completely customized solution, FusionIQ provides financial services firms with unique enterprise-grade functionality that combines business, technology, and compliance logic in every deployment. Some of the largest global financial services brands partner with FusionIQ as their trusted, innovative, and engaging digital wealth platform solution. For more information, please visit fusioniq.io.

About YieldX

YieldX democratizes fixed income investing with a 100% digital, end-to-end platform that eliminates time-consuming, manual processes.  The suite of solutions replace antiquated technology by deploying AI, machine learning and APIs, and a reimagined user experience. Powered by advanced risk, optimization and pushbutton portfolio construction technology, YieldX users build tailored, sophisticated fixed income portfolios across the yield/risk spectrum. As an open API and SaaS platform, YieldX offers complete flexibility, with a choice of end-to-end or stand-alone solutions, custom investment universes, and white-labeled offerings, so clients can select the capabilities that best meet their needs. For more information, visit https://www.yieldx.app.

About Fusion IQ

FusionIQ is committed to providing an eCommerce platform that has everything Broker Dealers, Banks, Credit Unions, Wealth Managers and RIAs need to create a revolutionary digital wealth investing experience for their end consumer. We take great pride in offering a digital investing platform that integrates directly into your existing offering; creating operational efficiencies, cost savings, compliance support and new revenue sources for your business. This comprehensive offering reiterates our company’s values to deliver, support, and expand our best-in-class digital solution to help our partners grow their wealth management businesses.

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