FusionIQ Introduces FIQ Freedom, Empowering Breakaway Advisors to Seize Independence

Game-changing solution for independent advisors a defining leap forward for RIAs

WOBURN, Mass., May 2, 2024 — FusionIQ, a leader in the delivery of cloud-based wealth management solutions with their all-in-one digital platform for financial advisors and institutions, today announced the launch of FIQ Freedom, the latest addition to its suite of innovative products on the FusionIQ One platform. FIQ Freedom empowers advisors thinking of breaking away to the freedom of a more entrepreneurial business model by providing them with the support of a comprehensive, turnkey platform tailored to their needs that enables them to transition to independence swiftly and confidently.

“We’re excited to introduce FIQ Freedom, a pioneering solution that redefines the journey to independence for financial advisors,” said Mark Healy, Chief Executive Officer of FusionIQ. “With FIQ Freedom, advisors can break away from conventional RIA models and embrace a new era of autonomy, efficiency, and client-centricity as digital wealth leaders.”

FIQ Freedom streamlines the transition process, offering a turnkey white-label wealth management platform that delivers a modern advisor and client experience in as little as six weeks. The platform features sophisticated rep as portfolio manager (Rep as PM) tools, a seamless workflow connecting the front, middle, and back offices, and process automations designed to scale advisors for success.

“FIQ Freedom represents a significant leap forward in empowering advisors to build their practices on their terms,” said John Guthery, Chief Investment Officer at FusionIQ. “From streamlined compliance to customizable risk tolerance assessments and sophisticated Rep as PM tools that make building, managing, analyzing, and rebalancing models easy, cost effective, and painless across client accounts, FIQ Freedom equips advisors with the technology and support they need to thrive in an ever-evolving industry.”

Key features of FIQ Freedom include streamlined digital compliance, fast and flexible client onboarding, customizable risk tolerance, and the ability to have advisor models sit next to third-party strategies. With streamlined digital compliance, advisors have tools that automate tracking of Anti-Money Laundering (AML), incorporate Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, and focus on collecting and verifying customer information through a Customer Identification Program (CIP), reducing manual effort and paperwork in a compliant-friendly middle office.

FIQ Freedom’s fast, flexible 100% digital client onboarding process comes with options for client-driven, rep-assisted, or advisor-led onboarding. The customized risk tolerance questionnaire that is available with the solution tailors risk tolerance questionnaires and scoring to accommodate the preferences of each advisor. Data security compliance is a top priority, and a digital Advisor Workstation puts professionals in control of their practice with a dashboard that delivers a consolidated view of their entire book of business.

“Our mission at FusionIQ is to make it easy for financial advisors and institutions to lead the digital wealth revolution,” Mr. Healy concluded. “With FIQ Freedom, we’re providing advisors with the advanced portfolio management tools, dedicated operational and technical support, and flexibility they need to thrive in today’s fast-changing landscape.”

About FusionIQ

FusionIQ makes it easy for financial advisors and institutions to be digital wealth leaders. The cloud-native all-in-one FusionIQ One platform has four modules – Hybrid Digital Advice, Self-Directed Investing, Digital Marketplace, and finTAMP – making digital transformation hassle-free. FusionIQ One powers a range of easy-to-implement products including FIQ Freedom, FIQ Journey, FIQ Market One, and FIQ TAMP+, making it easy for credit unions, banks, broker-dealers, family offices, RIAs, and asset managers to scale, delivering the digital experience clients and advisors want and the seamless workflows and process automations they need for organic growth. With white-label integrations complete in as little as six weeks, it’s easy to see why FusionIQ One’s integrated multi-custodian platform is quickly becoming the digital solution of choice for advisors and institutions. To learn more, please visit: https://fusioniq.io

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About Fusion IQ

FusionIQ is committed to providing an eCommerce platform that has everything Broker Dealers, Banks, Credit Unions, Wealth Managers and RIAs need to create a revolutionary digital wealth investing experience for their end consumer. We take great pride in offering a digital investing platform that integrates directly into your existing offering; creating operational efficiencies, cost savings, compliance support and new revenue sources for your business. This comprehensive offering reiterates our company’s values to deliver, support, and expand our best-in-class digital solution to help our partners grow their wealth management businesses.

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