Expanding Access for Retail Alternatives Investors: A Catalyst for Institutional Rejuvenation

Written by: Alternatives Watch

In a year already witnessing rapid technological advancement, the race to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge digital investing tools with traditional financial services is accelerating, with credit unions and banks emerging as key leaders in the realm of retail investor engagement.


The intersection of technology and finance presents a dichotomy wherein institutions must tread the fine line between offering a comprehensive digital investing platform while preserving the personalized touch synonymous with brick-and-mortar establishments. The strategic deployment of digital resources can serve as a catalyst for institutional renewal and expansion.

Fostering a symbiotic relationship between tech-driven platforms and traditional financial advisors are two key players in the space. Joshua D. Rogers, Founder and CEO of Arete Wealth, and Mark Healy, CEO of FusionIQ, both pioneers in wealth management, discuss expanding access to alternative investment opportunities once limited to institutions.

Together, Rogers and Healy are spearheading a strategic alliance aimed at seamlessly integrating their respective digital wealth management experience. This convergence of expertise and innovation not only promises unparalleled accessibility to a diverse array of investment avenues but also marks a new chapter for retail alts investors. As institutions grapple with change, the path forward lies in embracing innovation while remaining loyal to the needs of their clientele.

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